not normal

April 19, 2010
Normally I don't post personal rants anywhere anymore. I am beyond tired. I am more than a little hurt. I would rather not get in to details because that is also not my way. I am a personal of faults and a work in progress. I know I am often misunderstood and misinterpreted but it does bother me when people pick and choose what they want to see and hear. I get bothered when people decide the most hurtful things I may have said is something they took completely out of context. As I reread and reread what I had wrote so many months ago and I see clearly that it was a little difficult to misread it, that I did my best to explain myself. That the main point was that all I wanted was honestly, to discuss problems head on and not not let things fester because when they do things get misunderstood, feelings get hurt and problems build. I am not perfect, I never will be. I am blunt, abrasive, I am an acquired taste. I make no excuses for how I am but much like my childhood, all I want it so be accepted for who I am. It is all I ever wanted. But I am done search for approval from people who will never give it and will never love me as I am, because I am happy with me, as whole.

Pax East

March 29, 2010
I just got back and I had a blast. I met Wil Wheaton and Jonathan Coulton. I got them to do recording ads for Dimensional Radio, which was awesome. I won a hoodie at the Xbox live Major Nelson pod cast. It was just a great time all around. Two really cool meets were Brittney Vincent, editor of  and Jonny B. Goud, yep his real  name. He is a bass player for a band called Telfer in Hallifax I will have more news later, but I have to buy groceries f...
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March 11, 2010
I have been like a mad hyper squirrel making recordings and camerawhoring. Very soon my DJ C site may have a new home, more on that as it develops. I am preparing for tonight's party in the Jeschat I would like to think I have a good playlist selected from my musical bag of holding.
 In munchkin news, Luke is either sick or has sinus issues. Since the whole family has had headaches and stuff nose I am going with sinus. He is catching a quick nap before we go play at My Gym. It is a little expe...
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DJ Employed

March 8, 2010
So we haven't gone live just yet but we are getting stuff set up, maybe a week or so. I am still doing Thursday show I will let you know if it will be on the station stream or my own. I have decided to take a job with Dimensional Radio. It took a while for me to come to this decision but with all my options laid out, it seemed like the best one for me. I just hope my listeners will understand. I do wish in the future to be able to work with my friends from Storm Radio again but until then I w...
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Star Date... What the heck day is it again?

March 5, 2010
Had a pretty rocking show in Jeschat and with the Champion folks. I am getting sleepy, actually I am getting sick which leads to the sleepy. I have to go to Bethesda in the... well later this morning. Yay for 1 hour train rides but i don't have to drive or drive an additional 20 minutes to find parking. Still no word on being DJ Cyrenity, employed but we will see. I have feelers out and hell my Thursday show is breaking 20. Which is not bad. Thank you all for tuning in and for your support.

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Log 2 Star Date 2010.61

March 2, 2010
So I am learning the basics for web design for dummies. I have to pay for a site to use iweb and as discussed I am not that important or that interesting. After a few hours I finally got the grammatical errors fixed and saved. I also managed to get the comments working at the bottom. I am getting a show ready for Thursday and may have some news in my DJing future.

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Log 1 Star Date 2010.60

March 1, 2010
Yes I did google to get the correct star date. I am still DJ Cyrenity, Freelancer but I am reviewing a few options. While I do love doing the Thursday show on private stream there is no real chance to expand my audience. I decided by a friends recommendation to make a site but I am cheap, too cheap to pay for once. Since my web skills are limited this is what you get. Really I am not that interesting to need more.

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DJ Cyrenity I am a full time mommy, part time DJ. I enjoy reading, video games, beer, and music.


Favorite Music: Anything of the rock persuasion but I like most everything.

Not Favorite Music: Pop, I  don’t like boy bands, I don’t like Brittany, and I don’t like Shania Twain. 

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